Greeting Cards
I have made my own greeting cards since I was a kid. Now I have some designs that I think other people might like to send, too. So far this page is mostly just to show what I've made so far, though I am working on an ordering process. For now, if you would like some cards, please use the "Contact Us" form. To order Dragonfly cards until May 25, 2012, please order through Andrea's Voice. All cards are 5 x 7" (around 13 x 18 cm), the standard greeting card size in the United States.
Dragonfly Card
Hand-painted and lettered watercolor cards - Dragonfly design.
All cards with the Dragonfly design are part of a special fundraiser for Andrea's Voice Foundation. Through May 25, 2012, please visit their order page to order these cards.
Cards - Afternoon Sun
Printed cards of my painting Afternoon Sun.
Cards - Two Flowers
Hand-painted and lettered watercolor cards - Two Flowers design.
Custom Name Birthday Cards
Custom Name Birthday Cards
I made this set of cards for a friend. They have the recipient's name on the front, with a custom image based on that person's favorite colors. Inside they say "Happy Birthday." This was a lot of work, but also very fun and challenging. Not sure if I'd do it again, though. I probably would if someone asked.